We recently discovered upon updating a couple of our computers that Microsoft's newest internet browser software no longer supports JAVA. Rather than change our website to delete the rather entertaining JAVA photos, we researched how to enable our computers to use JAVA.

Here are a couple of addresses that you might find interesting if you decide that you don't want to give up the JAVA ability. The first two links are sites where you can download the JAVA software with a link to a page for any version. The third link tells the story of the battle between Microsoft and Sun regarding JAVA.

Download Pages for JAVA Support:


www.java.com/en/download/windows_xpi.jsp (Download site for JAVA with Windows, Mozilla, and Firefox instructions.)

One article on the Internet as to the reason IE 6.0 doesn't support JAVA.:


We are passing this information on to you, but download and install at your own risk.